Motorway construction support by Prolec

Major construction company GP Papenburg used Prolec’s 3D excavator guidance system, Digmaster Pro, in the construction of the new German Autoroute A20.

Digmaster Pro was chosen by GP Papenburg to enhance the productivity of their excavators in earthmoving and road construction. A major reason for choosing Digmaster Pro was the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) which, with its icon-driven menu, enabled the operator to fully utilise the system, achieving optimum productivity from the first day of installation. 

With the ability to upload the multi-layered digital terrain map (DTM) into the on-board Digmaster Pro computer, stakeout work was reduced to a minimum. The efficiency of the job was enhanced further by the number of visual indicators that the operator was able to use. In this project, GP Papenburg utilised the LED bar, auto zoom feature, on-screen grade indicator and rainbow bucket. The operator was also able to choose a variety of screen views including profile, plan and full 3D.

The client chose James Fisher Prolec's marine grade sensors to enable them to use the system for dredging work if required. Key purchasing factors for the client was the ability to switch easily between 2D and 3D modes, as well being able to use a 3rd party RTK GPS solution. The results from using this machine were impressive, GP Papenburg was able to cut precise contours and slopes in a fraction of the time. The machine operators were particularly impressed with the level of accuracy they could achieve, eliminating the need for re-excavation and grade checking. Plus, operators were now able to grade check from inside the cab, saving GP Papenburg time and labour whilst removing the safety risks involved with site surveying.

Since purchasing their original Digmaster Pro, GP Papenburg has purchased two additional systems. If you would like to know more information about how James Fisher Prolec's machine guidance systems can drive productivity and accuracy in road construction projects by downloading our Motorway construction case study.