Marina Restoration

Land and Water Services (LAWS) use James fisher Prolec’s dredging monitoring system, pcX-Pro for Cornwall’s marina redevelopment scheme. 

Contractor 4Recycling has been working alongside dredging specialist Land and Water Services to find a solution to treat and reuse more than 32,000 tonnes of PCB-contaminated sediment.

Dredging control software

Land and Water services' machine, a Hitachi ZX280, was used on an eight-piece Ravestein pontoon. To achieve the highest accuracy on this job and to reduce material overage, the machine was equipped with James Fisher Prolec’s flagship dredging control system pcX-Pro. The system utilised marine grade AS7 angle sensors and a combination of one RTK GNSS antenna with James Fisher Prolec’s unique CANBUS heading compass.

pcX-Pro’s ability to define avoidance zones combined with highly accurate positioning meant the containment of sediment was much easier compared with other solutions available. In addition to this, a shadow mode system was also installed in the supervisor's office. Using this remote system, full access to all views and a clear image of job progress was available. Again showing the ability of James Fisher Prolec to tailor our systems according to customers requirements. 

For more information on the 3D guidance solution used by Land and Water, please read our Marina Restoration case study.