Land reclamation and dyke construction

Reuse GmbH choose Prolec’s Digmaster Pro for land reclamation works in Büsum, Germany.

Reuse GmbH, a civil engineering company specialising in coastal protection completes substantial dyke reconstruction project in Büsum, Germany. The sandy beach island ‘Perlebucht’ was raised from 1.6m up to 5.0m in order to withstand the summer storm floods. During this Reuse GmbH moved and placed 77,000 m³ of material. 

In order to achieve the contract requirements, James Fisher Prolec’s Digmaster Pro 3D GPS machine control was used. This ensured a high level of accuracy was maintained throughout the project plus increased productivity compared with more manual methods.

Stainless steel marine grade sensors were used in this project due to their ability to operate in the harsh salt water environment. Alongside this, Reuse GmbH required the real time location of the grad-flo pump to just 10mm accuracy. The proprietary”grad-flo” pump was modelled and input to the software. This meant the driver could see the tool in real time adding further to the productivity benefits of the system.

The ability to not only import the target but also the current design file enabled the operator to determine where the material still needed to be removed. By utilising a 2D topographical map, laid on top of the design file along with the integrated progress map, made the task simple and efficient. The progress map also allowed for the recording of the daily output as evidence to the contractor. 

All personnel involved in the use of the system said that they could notice the productivity enhancement almost immediately. If you would like to know more about the land reclamation works in Büsum, please download the land reclamation and dyke construction case study.