German waterways chooses James Fisher Prolec

James Fisher Prolec’s guidance system Digmaster Pro selected by the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration to support a significant fleet upgrade.

The German inland waterway network stretches to around 7300km and is crucial for the country’s economy. Not only is it well used by tourists and holidaymakers, but it is also an integral trade hub for international freight transport. The network is managed by the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, who are responsible for maintaining the rivers, canals, locks and seaward approaches, as well as managing shipping traffic.

In August 2012, as part of a workboat fleet upgrade, the Federal Waterways office brought into service the clamshell dredger ‘Elsflether Sand’ to be used in the management of the River Weser in the Bremen district. This craft replaced older, decommissioned vessels, and was intended to increase the efficiency of the waterways’ working cycles.

James Fisher Prolec supplied its 3D guidance solution Digmaster Pro complete with rugged marine grade sensors to accurately monitor both the boom and buckets position in relation to the target depth. After installing Digmaster Pro, the German Federal Waterways and shipping Administration were able to significantly improve its productivity through close monitoring of profiles and having the ability to “see” underwater where visibility is compromised.

For more information, please download the inland waterway case study.