Coral reef rock cutting

GeoOcean uses James Fisher Prolec’s pcX-Pro 3D machine guidance solution for subsea reef rock cutting in French Polynesia.

The submersible and fully remotely operated excavator (pictured above) is yet another specialist machine operated by GeoOcean, a French Multinational dredging and marine construction company. After a highly successful project with James Fisher Prolec in the past - a tailored 3D machine guidance package for use with its highly specialised scissor excavator ‘MAX’, GeoOcean decided to continue its partnership with Prolec.

GeoOcean’s requirement was to cut a trench into the coral reef located in the waters of an island in French Polynesia. This itself would have been no simple task, but in this instance, the machine was required to also operate 25m below the water level.

To add to this, damage to the coral reef had to be kept to a minimum. In this case, James Fisher Prolec´s task was to not only provide a robust and rugged system designed to operate 25m underwater, but also to design 3D graphics of the machine itself, as well as the development of a complex 3D model of the rock cutting tool. More proof of James Fisher Prolec’s ability to customise the system to the customer’s exacting requirements.

Another challenge faced by GeoOcean was the accurate positioning of its machine, 25m below the waterline. This was achieved by using an extended GPS mast setup, ensuring antennas were kept above water. As a second step, the positioning signal of a highly accurate Gyro compass was also integrated into the software enable GeoOcean to operate in even deeper water. The result was another successful integration of James Fisher Prolec's expertise and unique customer demand. GeoOcean completed the job on time and to specification thanks to James Fisher Prolec’s help.

For more information on the 3D guidance solution used in the French Polynesia please read our coral reef rock cutting case study.