Harbour reclamation

German road and civil engineering company Heinrich Weseloh GmbH use James Fisher Prolec’s Digmaster Pro to aid in harbour reclamation works. 

After securing a contract for in-shore harbour reclamation works in Hamburg-Moorburg, Heinrich Weseloh GmbH were required to remove the contaminants in the harbour seabed. Without a GPS guidance system, blind excavation can be very difficult requiring a lot of guesswork and wasted time. As a result, Heinrich Weseloh decided to use James Fisher Prolec’s Digmaster Pro guidance solution to carry out the project.

Digmaster Pro’s software configuration flexibility comes to the fore in this application. The machine was equipped with a variety of attachments including a hydraulically adjustable boom and several dipper extensions of varying length. 

All possible configurations were stored in the system and could be displayed on-screen as needed according to the tool fitted. As a result, the operator was able to select the machine type from pre-loaded configurations without further calibration work. In this example, the machine required a clam shell bucket, which could be called up in Digmaster Pro from over 100 tools available.

Using James Fisher Prolec’s proprietary sensor technology with a combination of AS7 and AS8 marine grade sensors, the machine was able to work in a fully subsea environment, without interruption to the signal quality or productivity.

After using the Digmaster Pro system for this project, operators were particularly impressed with its ability to excavate ‘blind’. The systems Icon driven menu enabled operators to quickly and fully utilise the system's capabilities, achieving optimum productivity from the first day of installation. 

To find out more information regarding the harbour reclamation works in Germany, please read the harbour reclamation case study