James Fisher Prolec’s solutions for the rail industry have been designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements whilst offering additional control for RRVs.

As the innovator in the rail safety market and with more than 20 years of experience in providing the industry's leading and most used road-rail excavator safety technology, James Fisher Prolec has combined its expertise in safety systems and machine productivity to give you compliant solutions that work in the rail environment, both on track and off.

Road-rail vehicles operate in the most heavily mandated market for safety in the world. Almost all track operating bodies (e.g. Network Rail in the UK) will have their own standards to which the maintenance bodies need to comply. Designed for the road-rail market, our systems combine a full range of controls on load, heightslew and other inputs which are designed to comply with the rigorous rail industry standards (UKRIS1530 and EN15746 standards).

With a comprehensive knowledge of standards and safe machine behaviour, our solutions for the rail industry ensures you are able to comply with these strict regulations and are ideal for applications from simple track work to more complex systems such as working ALO (any line open). Our systems have been used in countries from the UK, around other parts of Europe and Asia in numerous and differing legislative environments with positive and compliant results to show.

Combining our expertise in machine movement and control ensures rail equipment is productive, compliant and most of all, safe.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for the rail industry:

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