Mining and quarrying

James Fisher Prolec’s mining and quarrying solutions offer unparalleled productivity gains in both extraction and haulage operations.

James Fisher Prolec recognises that the resource industry requires accurate, rugged and reliable equipment to drive productivity and improve on-site safety. As such, it has developed a wide variety of solutions to support customers in extractive industries around the world, from control for confined space working (height and slew limitation) to monitoring and measuring throughput (on-board weighing).

Load-out and haulage:

James Fisher Prolec’s dynamic solutions for haulage - Weighloader and Weighloader ADT - offer dynamic on-board weighing for both wheeled loaders and ADTs (Articulated Dump Trucks). Able to achieve accurate weighing with ± 5% margin of error, our Weighloader and Weighloader ADT systems help improve efficiency, increase throughput and reduce overheads without disrupting operations.

Ensuring bucket-by-bucket optimisation during the load-out process, operators and site supervisors are able to track cycle times, tonnes per hour and total tonnage moved to help inform and manage project planning.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for mining and quarrying: