Dredging and marine engineering

Machine control solutions for the dredging and marine engineering sector that maximise visibility and control, offering unrivalled flexibility and performance.

Dredging and marine engineering are demanding applications, not least because they provide a challenging environment, often with little visibility. Unlike in construction, dredging and subsea mining tools have to withstand exceptional forces, pressures, temperature fluctuations and erosion from the harsh salt water environment. With this in mind, James Fisher Prolec offers a range of machine control systems specifically tailored to cope with the harsh conditions found in the marine environment while maintaining a responsiveness and clarity associated with all our machine guidance systems.

Our systems are ideally suited to dredging operations, canal/port development, land reclamation and breakwater/revetment works, with over several hundred systems installed worldwide.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for dredging and marine engineering operations:

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Dredging and marine engineering