Road construction

Meeting increasing demand for precision technology, James Fisher Prolec’s machine control solutions enable operators to achieve highly accurate and efficient results.

Road construction is an ideal application for machine control. The complexity and size of road construction projects, combined with the sheer number of machines deployed on them, means that productivity gains from employing machine control technology can be huge.

From simple 2D grading systems to complex 3D machine control systems and reliable electronic safety systems, James Fisher Prolec's solutions drive productivity and safety in road construction operations.

Controlling costs and fulfilling contract requirements whilst sustaining quality is a constant challenge. By utilising James Fisher Prolec's machine control systems, progress on road construction projects can be accelerated whilst still improving excavation and grading precision. Operational planning and process chains can therefore be greatly reduced.

James Fisher Prolec’s machine control systems are easy to use and flexible enough to meet a wide range of applications and site requirements.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for road construction:

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Road construction