RRV converters and integrators

Compliant solutions for road-rail vehicles (RRV) converters to enhance safety and efficiency whilst optimising asset performance.

James Fisher Prolec has spent over two decades at the forefront of technology for the rail industry and provides comprehensive solutions for machines that work in the rail environment, both on track and off. Allied with a comprehensive knowledge of standards and safe machine behaviour, James Fisher Prolec offers compliant solutions to maximise the value offering of your RRV conversions.

Regulatory compliance:

Road-rail vehicles operate in the most heavily mandated market for safety in the world. Almost all track operating bodies (e.g. UK Network Rail) will have their own standards to which the maintenance bodies need to comply, such as Any Line Open (ALO) and Overhead Live Equipment (OLE) regulations set by Network Rail in 2013. James Fisher Prolec’s systems have been used in most countries across the globe in numerous and differing legislative environments with positive and compliant results.

Optimise performance:

James Fisher Prolec’s solutions for the rail converters have been designed to enhance rail safety and efficiency whilst optimising the performance of your machines. Control of all functions such as slew, height, load, cab, cant, travel and machine position is achieved using the same proven technology as in our solutions for the construction market but with the required added design integrity and failsafe functionality.

Our rail systems offer multiple inputs and duties as standard ensuring it operates optimally regardless of rail conditions and the machine’s current orientation, ensuring rail compliance in the most stringent regulatory environments. Full logging of operation and driver behaviour is also recorded for later retrieval and playback.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for RRV converters and integrators:

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RRV converters