Plant hire companies

Maximise the functionality and safety of your machines, increasing the value of your plant hire service offering.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions are ideal for plant hire companies. The highly competitive nature of the plant hire market has meant that plant hire companies are increasingly having to offer value-added services in order to remain competitive.

James Fisher Prolec's safety and productivity solutions for construction equipment maximise your plant hire offering, providing reliable electronic safety systems, on-board weighing systems and machine control systems that safeguard your assets and maximise the functionality of your machines.


James Fisher Prolec offers a range of machine control systems designed to increase accuracy and efficiency for excavation and grading, eliminating the need for staking, over excavation and re-work.  To compliment this, James Fisher Prolec also offers on-board weighing systems for wheeled loaders and ADTs designed to provide highly accurate and dynamic on-board weighing to streamline your mining, quarrying or other earth moving requirements.

For plant hire companies this means that customers can Maximise productivity of plant meaning customers can dig more in less time, saving them money and increasing the value and competitiveness of your services.

Machine safety and regulatory compliance:

James Fisher Prolec's range of electronic safety systems safeguard your machines, ensuring your fleet remains in constant operation with no down time. 

Upgrading your machines with our safety systems ensure compliance with the rigorous regulatory standards in environments such as rail and larger infrastructure projects where regulatory bodies and private companies enforce exacting operational standards.

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James Fisher Prolec's solutions for plant hire companies: 

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Plant hire companies