Infrastructure project delivery companies

James Fisher Prolec's innovative equipment control solutions streamline and enhance your infrastructure projects.

Existing infrastructure is being pushed to its very limits. Demand for new and replacement infrastructure to meet the requirements of industrialised and developing countries is greater than ever, with increased focus on providing industrial infrastructure efficiently and to a consistently high standard and at a lower cost.

James Fisher Prolec utilises its proven track record and over 30 years’ experience working with civil infrastructure companies to offer innovative solutions that streamline and enhance even the most challenging civil infrastructure projects.

Safely optimising your construction equipment:

James Fisher Prolec’s systems optimise the precision and efficiency of construction equipment whilst safeguarding assets and minimising risks of accidents or collisions. By helping to ensure your fleet remains operational, our systems facilitate timely project completion, minimising costly delays and over-runs.

Integral to James Fisher Prolec's global success is its commitment to developing open and collaborative partnerships, strategic alliances and joint ventures. Our strong and enduring relationships with major infrastructure providers and technology partners ensure the most effective project solutions are achieved.

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James Fisher Prolec's solutions for infrastructure project delivery companies:

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Infrastructure delivery companies