Health and safety managers

Health and safety regulation compliant solutions to safeguard your staff and assets.

As a health and safety manager, the law and health and safety regulations play a vital part in your role. James Fisher Prolec's safety solutions support your needs as a health and safety manager to meet relevant standards and regulations such as the UK’s LOLERRIS1530 standards and Europe’s EN16746 standards, by offering a range of products designed to maximise the safety of your construction equipment whilst safeguarding both your assets and staff.

James Fisher Prolec's range of safety systems puts your mind at ease, offering a platform for operators to physically limit the machine from approaching pre-defined areas or ensuring the machine remains safe during operations at all times. By implementing one of James Fisher Prolec’s systems, health and safety managers can ensure regulatory compliance and manage the common risks associated with the operation of construction equipment.

Operator training:

Health and safety regulators across the globe enforce regulations for the use of construction equipment along with safe working practices, procedures and safety systems that should be adopted. The vast majority of these regulatory bodies stipulate that drivers should be trained, competent and certified to operate the specific excavator. James fisher Prolec recognises these needs and as such, offers a range of operator training packages to ensure your operators are fully certified and competent in using James Fisher Prolec’s safety systems.  

Working in collaboration with Construction Training Academy, we have developed our joint, machine control system training course. Fully accredited NPORS training and testing in accordance with course objectives and learning outcomes delivered by an NPORS accredited training provider (ATP). All operators will receive an NPORS operator card as a record of accreditation upon completion. To make an enquiry please email CTA.

If you would like to know more about James Fisher Prolec's operator training packages please get in touch.

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James Fisher Prolec's solutions for health and safety managers:


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Health and safety managers