Machine envelope monitoring

In most applications, machinery movement efficiency affects productivity. However, in certain circumstances, effective machinery movement can be the difference between life and death, for example, when working beneath live power lines. Machine envelope monitoring ensures safe operation, without compromise.

Full control of the reach or slew of the machine is required to prevent damage or unintended consequences when working in a confined or restricted environment. James Fisher Prolec machine envelope monitoring and height limitation systems are the ideal solutions for a wide range of operating situations including working indoors, in tunnels, under bridges, under soffits, and anywhere during demolition operations. Our advanced angle sensor technology combined with our custom-designed software monitors machines according to specified requirements. It takes the guesswork out of setting and controlling the range in which the machine can safely operate and leaves nothing to chance.

James Fisher Prolec offers their systems with a variety of angle sensors which your local distributor is well placed to advise on each application.  Safe and efficient use of your plant is our aim and taking advantage of 30 years experience in sensor technology is a benefit when dealing with the industry leader.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for machine envelope monitoring:

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Machine envelope monitoring