About James Fisher Prolec

With 30 years’ experience supplying machine productivity and safety systems for construction equipment, James Fisher Prolec has set the benchmark for compliant, smart solutions.

Equipment safety and machine control is at the heart of our business; our expertise is in the control, measurement and guidance of equipment to enhance functionality, deliver higher productivity and reduce costs. James Fisher Prolec's systems enable end users and OEMs to drive productivity to the highest level within their machine's safety envelope.

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Innovative machine guidance solutions:

JF Prolec's success stems from innovative applications of sensor, hardware and software technologies; from excavator safety and telehandler control systems, through to height limitation technology and rail safety equipment and machine guidance solutions.

JF Prolec's products have been successfully deployed across a wide range of applications in construction, rail, highways and marine markets. Our reliable and proven technologies safeguard our customers' operations whilst driving productivity.

Safety and productivity:

James Fisher Prolec is unique in that it is the only company to provide a range of both safety and productivity solutions for construction equipment. As a market leader, JF Prolec has developed many innovations that are now commonplace, including CAN sensors, graphical dig depth monitors, on-board weighing, height limitation solutions and advanced road-rail systems.

We have an extensive distributor network, ensuring the highest level of support in every region wherever James Fisher Prolec's products are deployed.

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